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  • 成都博鰲會展服務有限公司 www.yigongkj.com

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     About us


    Tel: 86-028-86087618
    Fax: 86-028-85530800
    E-mail: admin@boao-ecs.com

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    Company Profile
    Chengdu BoAo Exhibition and Conference Services Co.,Ltd. is a fully market-oriented professional services company that offers the ability to tailor the range of services to customer's exact requirement and specifications.
    Over the years, BoAo ECS has enriched in the operation of the market experience and strength in professional MICE services running meetings, exhibition, events, advertisement, PR activities, tourism, transport rental  internationally  and domestically.  Chengdu ShuNan Exhibition Production Factory & Chengdu Overseas Travel Zenith Holidays are the immediate subsidiaries owned companies by BoAo. And also collaborating representative partner in Singapore, Italy, Russia and Shanghai.
    BoAo ECS has developed a fully-diversified integrated service system in planning, design, exhibitions, conferences, advertising, stage & AV leasing facilities,tourism, car rental, etc.  Equipped with a professional, comprehensive, efficient business services team, BoAo ECS now offers a  "one-stop" business service platform; targeted personalized service for the customer to create the highest cost-effective experience.
    BoAo Exhibition, your best platform services expert
    BoAo Meetings, your intimate meeting services consultant
    BoAo Events,  your custom project services professional
    BoAo Tourism, your tailor travel & logistics organizer
    Because each event is a custom project, BoAo ECS deliver a tailor made technical package that will be personal and relevant to your budget expectation.
    BoAo ECS has a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure a well-managed program that translate your business objectives into meaningful and intriguing events with lasting impact. With varied working backgrounds, skills and event-related experiences; we have the right people to produce and manage your events – whether of epic proportions or intimate function, the team will ensure total committment and involvement from inception to execution.
    At BoAo ECS, you will be assured of high standard quality and value for money with each experience . Now let us stage each event that sets a new standard & let us make the difference for you!
    Chengdu BoAo ECS your one-stop shop service provider for MICE business services such as Events Management, Exhibition Design & Fabrication, Conference Organising, Stage Art Equipment Leasing, Advertisement, Public Relations Activities, Travel & Ticketing, Transportation Rental, etc.

    Chengdu BoAo Exhibition & Conference Services Co.,Ltd.
    PRC Sichuan Chengdu Ximianqiao Street No.30 Gaosu Bldg Blk B # 18B
    Tel: 86-028-86087618 Fax: 86-028-85530800 E-mail: admin@boao-ecs.com